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You can also donate a painting for sale or buy any of the paintings in the catalog - the money is transferred to the treatment of children

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Доставка товара за счёт благотворителя.

International Charity Fund "Picture of Life"

We, Valeria and Vasily Zhuravlev, decided to create a charity page to help children get well, make their dreams come true, and support animals.

How can you help?

  • We are sure that there are a lot of people among you and your friends who draw pictures, make handicrafts and are ready to share with us to help someone's dream come true
  • You can buy a handicraft or a painting from us.
  • Donate a sum of money.

We attach a progress report every month, where you can study the monthly charges and where the money is spent.

We are happy if we can help at least one child's dream come true, help our little brothers or do partial help with a child's illness!